Ways to Reduce Emissions and Save Fuel

Association footballPollution from vehicles is a global challenge that can be met through the combined efforts of citizens worldwide. One immediate way we can each contribute towards improving environmental conditions is by taking better care of our personal vehicle. Fortunately, viable solutions that curb and/or reduce vehicle emissions do exist, and Auto Parts Guideline describes 7 ways you can both reduce vehicle emissions and save money.

#1. Buy Electric Cars

Electric vehicles significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 4000-5000 pounds annually. One of the best ways to economize on fuel costs and get rid of issues pertaining to pollution from carbon emissions is to invest in battery operated cars or vehicles. These electric vehicles are considered by some to be safer than fuel based vehicles.

#2. Warm up your engine before starting to drive

A cold engine consumes as much as 2 to 3 times more fuel than a warm engine. Start the engine a few minutes before you plan to drive. When the engine is warmed up – and only then – should you start driving.

If you live in a cold climate park your car whenever possible in covered spaces (a garage or covered parking lot), as this is also exceedingly helpful in reducing wear and tear on the engine.

#3. Be careful when leaving your vehicle idling

When getting out of your car for a short period to run an errand do not leave your car idling. This saves fuel and reduces harmful emissions.

#4. Use the Accelerator Wisely

If you’re driving a standard shift use the accelerator and clutch efficiently as this cuts down on carbon emissions. When driving any type of vehicle (standard or automatic) accelerate the car gradually so as to conserve fuel consumption and preserve your engine. If, when driving, you begin to increase speed, do so gradually.

#5. Take Your Car for Regular Servicing and Maintenance

Timely servicing is one of the best things you can do for your vehicle and the environment.  All new vehicles sold globally come with maintenance schedules. They must be adhered to as proper servicing significantly extends the life of your engine.

If you own an old vehicle, look for a quality local maintenance shop and get your vehicle checked and serviced regularly.

Basic maintenance includes oil changes,  cleaning the throttle body, checking tire and steering alignment, balancing and/or replacing tires when worn, performing battery checks, and managing overall engine performance. It is a fact that a properly maintained vehicle provides a smooth driving experience, saves fuel and reduces emissions.

#6. Do Not Overload the vehicle

Stay within the manufacturer’s guidelines for vehicle load. The more weight you add the harder it is for the vehicle to operate efficiently.

#7. Use Branded Fuel Catalysts to improve engine performance

There are various branded and proven liquid fuel catalysts you can use to enhance vehicle performance. However, make sure you research any fuel catalyst before use. The internet and/or local car mechanic can help you find the right liquid fuel catalyst for your vehicle.

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