What is Enneagram training?

Enneagram trainingEnneagram of Personality is gaining its popularity not just among self-developers and self-improvers, but also among business strategists and team builders.

To successfully use the Enneagram of Personality, one needs to understand what it is and how it is applied. The Enneagram is often described as a model of a human psyche. This psyche consists of 9 highly interconnected personality types.

Every person out there falls somewhere on the enneagram model. Which means every person’s behavior and reactions could be somewhat predicted and guided. The enneagram teachers and followers use the 9 personality types in the Enneagram model to their advantage in all kinds of scenarios.

Enneagram certification

Enneagram certification is valuable not only for those desiring to teach Enneagram Narrative work. It will provide you with the tools and skills necessary to succeed in interpersonal relationships and business.

It’s a great tool for team builders and those wanting to be a valued member of a team. It’s a way for couples to find common ground and succeed as a married unit. Business owners and business coaches find enneagram framework irreplaceable when working with clients.

What does Enneagram training consist of?

To become a certified enneagram coach, you will have to complete a basic enneagram activity course. It usually begins with learning about the history of Enneagram. Learning of the forefathers of the theory and how and when it was developed. Then you will learn everything there is to know about the 9 types of human personality.

You’ll understand how to self-type first and then how to type others. The Enneagram of personality is very complex as most of us have traits from all 9 types. This training will provide insight into human behavior based on the personality type. Enneagram certification will provide you with invaluable tools for personal growth as well as a business strategy.

To better understand others, one has to first understand their own personality. This certification program will help you build self-awareness. It will give you a deeper understanding of your own personality. That, in turn, will prove to be a wonderful tool for understanding personalities of others. This training can be applied practically. It is not only used by therapists and life coaches but can be applied to real life.

Enneagram can be used by Business Owners

It can be used by business owners and business managers working with small and large teams. By understanding what personality types you are dealing with, you will be able to effectively eliminate communication breakdowns. You will learn how to empathize based on a particular type of personality. That knowledge will help you to communicate better. And, communicate with compassion improving all relationships surrounding you.

Enneagram training will help you understand how different personality types impact the performance of others. That is the most important skill in team-building. It is helpful for running a successful business.

Understanding how you can bring out the best in people so they work better together. Enneagram training is also a great tool to figure out how to help people work as a team with people they already have. To learn more about enneagram certification go to https://cloverleaf.me/enneagram-certification

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