Yoga: A Path to Beat Mental Stress

Almost everyone experiences stress in personal life and career at some point in life. I have been through it too!

And, I know how much that can affect your health and even make you feel de-motivated and detached from your environment.

And, when we are going through it, as a defense, we become more spiritual and try whatever we possibly can, to get some mental peace. But, does this really help?

Well, out of all the possibilities that I have tried, the only thing that actually made a difference was Yoga.

I don’t need to introduce you to this term. I am sure you know what it means.

That said, how does yoga help in achieving mental peace?

Changes in Thought Cycle

Most mental stress is caused due to repeated negative thoughts. Let’s see how this starts.

In our daily life activities, there are things which do not end up as intended or desired. And any such undesirable outcome leads to discontent.

To beat this the mind keeps thinking about the same issue over and over again, primarily with an intention to alter this situation.

It results in helplessness if the situation is not something that one can control by his efforts. And so, it creates a vicious circle. The mind is not able to concentrate on anything else. The thoughts continue to deteriorate the mental peace; the stress increases, leading to sleeplessness.

So, how does Yoga help?

Yoga can be a series of postures or just simple breathing exercises. In either case, while doing Yoga, your concentration shifts from the environment and issues around you. And, your mind gets diverted to your own self instead of focusing on the environment.

Indeed, this is as simple as diverting your mind to something else. This breaks your thought cycle.

As your thoughts are free from clutter, it makes you feel good. When you feel good, you are able to manage your thoughts better.

“Yoga has a sly, clever way of short circuiting the mental patterns that cause anxiety.” – Baxter Bal

Managing Emotions

How you manage emotions will determine whether you are able to beat mental stress. And, various researches suggest that there is a direct relationship between emotions and respiration.

I know, what you are thinking: breathing and emotions how are these connected?

Deep breathing facilitates the flow of oxygen to the brain. This aids in keeping your mind calm. A calmer mind leads to a healthier body. And, a healthy body is itself a defense against stress.

But, is it possible to breathe deeply all the time? No, each emotion incites a different breathing pattern. So, the breathing patterns are bound to fluctuate.

But, if you learn the art of deep breathing through Yoga, you can practice it often and with such regular exercise, you can train your mind to bring your breathing patterns back to normal even when you are in stress.

This helps you calm your mind and easily overcome the harmful aftermaths of stress.

Practice It Anywhere

It is believed that any type of stress management exercise should ideally be practiced amid nature. Though, not everyone has the time to visit the community parks. And, especially with our busy lifestyle, how many of us have access to such tranquil spaces?

This becomes the biggest hindrance in fighting mental stress.

Yoga is a collection of various postures and exercises. Most of these, which are helpful in achieving mental peace, can actually be practiced anywhere. This is particularly applicable to the breathing exercises.

When I say that you can practice Yoga anywhere, I do not expect you to roll out your mat and start doing it while driving! But, it can be done at the convenience of your home.

Owing to the high demand, the development of virtual reality driven apps is also catching up as these give you a feel of natural environment while practicing Yoga. So, you can choose to practice it at home and still get the feel of nature.   And if you’re new to yoga, there are plenty of tools to assist. Everything from yoga blocks to yoga wheels can aid you with your form and help you stay safe throughout your practice.

So, while other mind management tactics might require special equipment or spaces, you can do Yoga anywhere. And, this makes it easier to practice it often to achieve a prolonged and regular state of mental peace.

The Physical Impact

When the body is under stress, its natural defense induces the release of the hormone Cortisol. This hormone provides the body with glucose which is required to fight against the stressor.

But, elevated Cortisol levels over a period of time can cause the blood sugar levels to go high and this can be very dangerous for the body.

Deep breathing exercises help in relaxation. As a consequence, the Cortisol levels can be kept in control.

Deep breathing also helps correct sleep-related disorders. This also aids in controlling the Cortisol production.

Though this is a general benefit, there are various other health benefits associated with different types of Yoga exercises. You must consult professionals for advice related to specific ailments.


While most of the people relate Yoga to physical exercises, there are certain aspects of Yoga, which are purely for the mind. These are also mild enough for even people with physical ailments to practice.

I know you are excited to try Yoga. And the first thing that comes to your mind is whether we have apps even for learning Yoga. There are so many apps for this, obviously!

Though developers of these apps have ensured that these give you the best results, it is generally not advisable to practice Yoga without the guidance from a trained practitioner. I know, you will ask, why?

The answer is simple. Everyone has different needs. And, Yoga is a wide set of mental and physical exercises. The trainer can help you identify the best ones to suit your needs. And, he can guide you how to do these to get the most benefits.

So, Yoga can build your mental peace. Nevertheless, do it the right way!

Author Bio – Jim Markov is a Content Writer with, a research firm in the USA. He has an experience of 5 years and has been writing on areas related to spirituality and self management.

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