You Chose To Be A Part Of This Grand Experience

experienceRosie Neal – You chose to be a part of this grand experience. Source wants companions and not followers.

This life’s incarnation struggle will make you stronger. You wanted complete knowingness of the expansion of all duality. You are walking blind because you choose not to see.

All life is extremely valuable, trees, birds, insects, rocks. You must have experience, then you will have desire. You will then use the power of Source.

You are being reviewed by you. You must release all forms of judgements within. You must see from a place of neutral observer.

You are, and have, sacrificed much to be here.

You have much distractions with thoughts. Walk with those that are not distracted. You will recognize them by how they feel and there powerful presence.

Let go of all thought process as it is not accurate.

Let go of all fear in the face of danger as fear holds you back. You must let go of the fear of ridicule.

You have come far but still have a path to go.

Many that are here were chosen and accepted their role. Many have come here are like you and many will fall because of attraction to distractions and thoughts.

All that are here are warriors, every living being.

Many souls are trapped and you are to bring them a stream of light to help assist them to create a crack so they can find a ray that will guide them beyond entrapment.

You are Creator, so create, but experience every aspect of creation.

There are many that leave earth that still have their addictions. Even outside of the earthly experience, there are many souls that are struggling. Struggle brings on evolution. We all thrive on experience. Your greatest evolution will take place through experience. Recognize it without judgment.

You must create a higher vibrational spin for your physical.

You are not who you were told, or even what you think, you are.

Remember who and what you are and be that for all.

SF Source IN5D Mar 2019

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