ZigBee Radio Transmitter: How Many Do You Have?

smart meterCatherine J. Frompovich – I’ll bet you dollars-to-donuts that most readers are asking, “What’s a ZigBee radio transmitter?”

Every person reading this probably has numerous ZigBees already, but doesn’t know it!  How can you have something you don’t know you have?  Give up?  Clue: Smart technology!

Every “smart” appliance in your home has what’s called a “ZigBee radio transmitter” installed by the manufacturer, which spies on your usage and reports back to Big Brother, i.e., the utility company for now, but will tie into the Internet of Things in the very near future.  The ZigBee chip allows each appliance’s electronic signature to be recorded so utilities and others, who track your data, can determine which appliance is being used, length of time, etc. thereby providing a profile of when you are home or someone’s in the house using appliances, plus the awful realization that your information relay can be HACKED by any two-bit hacker for any nefarious reason: burglary, surveillance, or whatever.

ZigBee radio transmitters are the ‘smart genies’ in AMI Smart Meters that electric, natural gas and water utility companies retrofit to replace safe analog meters.

AMI Smart Meter ZigBees also are working hard at emitting electromagnetic frequencies – EMF radiation – in all directions by utilizing the microwave frequency of 2.4 GHz that radiates out for approximately 250 feet; some claim up to 100 meters or 300 feet!  I bet you didn’t know that about that new digital meter the utility company forced you to take, or maybe didn’t even tell you that they installed.  Some homes can have all three (electric, gas, water) AMI Smart Meters!  How does that amplify your EMF exposure?  Have you felt differently and not your normal self since the new meter was installed?

So why is the ZigBee chip installed in smart appliances?

The only reason is to control and operate all dumb “smart” appliances every household either has now or will have in the future!  The ZigBee is a combined chip device containing a transmitter, receiver and antenna radio circuit that sends back to the utility the consumer’s usage data, plus is capable of receiving instructions from the utility company too.  Think forced “brown outs” during peak summer air conditioner usage or turning off your utility service for whatever reason the utility elects.

The ZigBee radio transmitter NEVER sleeps; constantly produces EMFs; and you can’t turn it off, like you can your cell phone or computer.  Basically, with your AMI Smart Meter ZigBee you’re living inside a microwave-oven-like atmosphere, since the AMI Smart Meter ZigBee operates at 2.4 GHz microwave frequency and radiates out for 250 to 300 feet!  Plus all the added ZigBees’ radiation from your appliances!

Now, what do you think about all that ‘smart’ technology?  Isn’t it pretty dumb that we have bought into it hook-line-and sinker?  Not me!  I have only a PC computer.

The sad fact about the ZigBee chip is that manufacturers protect it indefinitely by tying it into the smart appliance warranty.  If you remove the ZigBee chip, the appliance warranty becomes null and void.

However, I can foresee a time when states or federal legislation probably will be in place providing penalties and fines for removing ZigBee chips, especially when Big Brother Uncle Same gets the Internet of Things up, running and tied into the data collection bank for every household in the USA probably run by the NSA Utah Data Center.

A hat tip and thanks to Take Back Your Power and Kelly Pascucci.

Catherine J Frompovich is a Guest Writer for Shift Frequency. Her latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on Amazon.com.

SF Source Activist Post August 2016

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